Company Establishment

The public-sector reforms initiated in the 1990’s necessitated the need for power utilities to look within their operations to improve their internal efficiencies in an evolving and growing market and a shift to a competitive environment which hitherto was not characteristic of the energy market in Ghana.

The Volta River Authority having dominated the energy market as the sole energy producer since Ghana’s independence in the 1960's grew to be one of the largest asset owning companies in Ghana due to the support structure required to complement its core operation of power generation.

This support structure includes amongst others residential estates in all its operational areas, commercial property used for operational needs and large tracts of land held for expansion and other operational needs some of which has become prime for development purposes.


In addition to these landed assets the nature of the Authorities operations required important support services such as security, catering, guest house operations and real estate professional services. These support operations over the years have established itself as potential businesses with a solid track record in each of their respective service areas waiting to be positioned as viable commercial entities.

To unlock the full potential in the businesses that has been created over the back of the core energy business Volta River Authority has taken the prudent step to spin off these support businesses to create a focussed real estate business which has the potential to become one of the largest and leading property companies in Ghana.

Location and Facilities

Under the VRA property services contract it has regional offices in Akosombo, Akuse, Aboadze and Accra to service VRA's property portfolio as well as provide other corporate services. PROPCo's regional presence and its affiliation with NEDCo real estate in the north provides it with a diverse geographical presence in the market compared to its peers in the industry in terms of our property services provision. PROPCo capitalises on this advantage to position itself as the market leader.